3 Breweries You Need to Visit in Iowa City

Iowa City is a popular city for a variety of reasons. One is the fact that it is the home to the largest wooden nickel. Another is that it is also home to three universities that are amazing at athletics and academics. The University of Iowa can even boast being a significant part of history by allowing both men and women to enroll with equal opportunities in 1855. With such diversity and culture flooding into the city because of the universities, people can enjoy Iowa City’s magnificent food and beverages of while visiting historical museums and sites. (Source)

In recent years, Iowa City has emerged as a premier destination for craft beer lovers. An abundance of breweries has put this town in Iowa on the map for people looking to explore new tastes and expand their beer horizons. With so many diverse breweries to choose from, it can be hard to fit it all in. Beer enthusiasts recommend booking a brewery tour so that you can hit some of the hottest spots without having to worry about driving. Here are three of the top breweries that you need to put on your list to visit in Iowa City:


This upscale brewery is known for its delicious beers and seasonal food offerings. A rooftop bar is a popular gathering place in the summer, as people come from all over to celebrate craft beer and New American fare. The rotating taps are always offering up something new, from crisp lagers to hoppy pale ales to heavy stouts. Beer lovers will delight in the diverse selection hand-selected from breweries from all over the world. (Source)

Big Grove Brewery

Big Grove Brewery has it all. From a diverse beer selection to a variety of food offerings, every craving can be satisfied at Big Grove. The beer garden is a fun place to gather in the warmer months, and a myriad of entertainment options keep the place hopping all year long. Big Grove seeks to build community by offering a venue that appeals to every taste and preference. In addition to the food and drink, trivia nights, live music, and lectures keep guests coming back for more fun at Big Grove Brewery. (Source)

Guild Wurst Tavern

With origins as a sausage house, this vibrant locale is also now home to the Boot 'n Flute Brewery. With 10 original beer selections, Boot 'n Flute has a loyal following in the Iowa City area. In addition to the sausages, there is a variety of sandwiches and burgers to choose from to complement the beer of your choice. Located just one mile from Kinnick Stadium and Carver-Hawkeye Arena, the Guild Wurst Tavern is your perfect pre-game or post-game gathering place. (Source)

There are numerous benefits of going on a beer tour in Iowa City. Not only will you not have to drive yourself around, but you can try some of the best breweries in town and meet a lot of like-minded people in the process. Cheers!

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