Wow, what a year! And while we are so very humbled and honored to be selected to the list of Spectrum News "Best Gifts in NC," we are sure that we speak for all the small businesses in Greensboro, the Triad, North Carolina and Nation that open their doors everyday... PLEASE SHOP LOCAL.
It may not be easy or convenient with restrictions and fears (although we are trying) but please take a little more time to find a way. Whether it is a woman-owned snack company, a brewery, a salon, a boutique or flower shop. Dig a little deeper to find a way to do business with them. So many are struggling and so many are so close to throwing in the towel... BE THEIR LIGHT~
As for us @hopsandnuts, we are doing what we do... Creating great snacks for pairing with all your favorite beer, wine or cocktail. Now instead of enjoying them in your favorite Tap or Tasting Room, create memories and experiences AT-HOME... Cuz' that's where we are... Entertaining at Home!
Cheers, y'all!