How to Properly Serve Beer at a Rustic Wedding

One of the most popular trends in wedding planning is the rustic theme. These laid-back affairs perfectly encapsulate the charm of country living with a welcoming vibe. Once you have selected the rustic theme for your special day, it is fun to match all of the elements to this design. Here are three tips on how to properly serve beer at your rustic wedding:

Pair it Well with Snacks

Beer brings out the munchies in everyone so be sure to provide a variety of snacks for your guests to nosh on. Most importantly, HOPS AND NUTS Craft Beer Snacks!

It is important that your guests do not drink on an empty stomach, especially if you do not plan on serving a full meal. You should look for products that are especially designed for being paired with beer like HOPS AND NUTS! All of these foods will complement the taste of the beer and keep your guests happy.

Appropriately Deal with Risks

Although serving alcohol at a wedding reception can create a festive atmosphere, it also comes with its own set of risks. These risks are amplified if there are guests under the age of 21 at your wedding. To reduce the risk of serving beer or other alcoholic beverages to minors, it is a prudent idea to have a designated area for it. This source talks about how if you are particularly worried, you can always look into insured alcohol servers who will reduce the risk of liability, while also knowing how to deal with complex issues of guest intoxication that you might not be able to handle yourself.

Consider the Theme

A rustic wedding should have adult beverages to match. Instead of going with the passé red Solo cup, try using cute mason jars for a more festive touch. Monogrammed beer glasses with the new couple's initials also make a fun party favor while also contributing to the overall theme. This source suggests different ways to use a chalkboard sign on the bar to list the available drink choices is a cute way to deliver information. Large metal barrels or wine barrels are also adorable ways to hold beer cans for your guests to grab and go as they please.

A rustic themed wedding offers up a myriad of possibilities when it comes to your food and drink options. Get creative and let your true personality shine through as you find fun ways to serve beer to your guests on your special day.