PEPPA Nut Peanuts

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For those that want to "Kick It Up," here is our ode to spice.

Starts with our secret Five Peppa Seasoning, created to warm things up without torching your taste buds. Just enough heat to require a "little sip of something" but still taste what you are drinking. You are welcome!

Perfect for pairing with a lager, Pale Ale, cerveza or an IPA!


We love beer! And we figured out early that if we snacked while we drank, we could LOVE beer even more! Not finding food or snacks in our favorite Craft Beer Taprooms we started to play... What if we? What would it taste like if? IPA’s. Porters, Ambers. Every beer style was part of the experiment.

And the more we let folks taste our Craft Beer Nuts, the more encouraged we got. The idea of creating the very best, most delicious, unique Craft Beer flavored peanuts was born!

With nodding approvals from area brewers and vintners, we hit the market providing Taproom Snacks to hungry Craft Beer lovers! 

Hops and Nuts Craft Beer and Wine Snacks are offered in breweries and wineries from North Carolina to California and all delicious places in between. Specialty retail locations, hotels and on-line, and are being enjoyed by beer lovers AND peanut lovers across the area.

Give our premium, Craft Beer and Wine Snacks a try and you'll see why our customers think they are the best!